Hélène Picard Part of the Exposition "Being Alive"

My work is mainly about emotions – Interview with Painter and Sculptor Hélène Picard

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The interview was conducted by Julia Kierdorf (Age of Artists gGmbH) on February 12th, 2016 over video-conference. This text is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 (creativecommons.org).

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Age of Artists: How did you become an artist?

Hélène Picard: I think that I have not exactly decided it. As a child I was really interested in drawing. I drew a lot, and I loved sewing.

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Sebastian Heiner

To Act out Oneself – An Interview with Painter Sebastian Heiner

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Born in Berlin, Sebastian Heiner studied at the UdK (Universität der Künste) in his home town. Normally he works and lives in Berlin, where he shares an atelier with the artist Jörn Grothkopp. The Berliner told us as well, that his painting is influenced a lot by his temporary employment abroad. Over several years he held ateliers in Beijing, Shanghai and Bangkok. “I think, a lot broke loose inside of me while I was staying abroad.

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Wolfgang Schmiedt

Interview with Wolfgang Schmiedt: “Personally, I definitely subscribe to the notion of autonomy”

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“Improvisational ideas are not so much about building a marvellous house of harmony or creating a melody whose beauty is unsurpassed. At the end of the day, the harmonic and melodic playing only matters to some extent. Rhythmics and form are the essential, defining carriers of energy. How fast do I break off, how long do I stick with a thought. Its the arc of suspense. If this form of energy is jointly conceived, it’s all about for how long you endure it together, when you drive things even higher and louder or faster, whatever the energetic parameters may be, and about how long you can bear it logically, and by conceiving it together.

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