Stephanie von Becker SAFI

Inside the Time Capsule with Musician SAFI

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

“To me, every millimeter of writing on paper contains the potential to develop a story. The main inspiration is a playful approach: to liberate oneself, establish new rules, and to break them again; the passion to play and to create. The happiness is the main inspiration and motivating force. The next step is the aspiration: Where to go? What should it look like?

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Hye Young Kim Helsinki

“I consider it as my job to create something new” Interview with Hye Young Kim

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“I always have to paint new things and I may not bore myself. It is always the search for something new. I consider it as my job to create something new” says Korean painter Hye Young Kim in her interview with Age of Artists.

Please access the full interview here (German only).


„Ich muss immer neue Sachen malen und darf mich nicht langweilen, es geht also immer im die Suche nach dem Neuen.

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Jean-Louis Forain At the Theatre

Interview with Theatre and Opera Director Ingolf Huhn

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“Each actor has their own idea of the score. And it must indeed become their own. It does not make a lot of sense to train the actors do something they do not want.”

Please access the full interview with Ingolf Huhn here: aoa_interview_ingolf huhn.

Picture Source: Jean-Louis Forain (French, 1852 – 1931 ), At the Theatre, c. 1892, lithograph, Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art

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