Ludger Bruemmer

„The Moment of Surprise Always Adheres to Creativity.” – Interview with Ludger Bruemmer

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During the interview with Bruemmer it becomes clear, that the aspects of emotionality and sensuousness play a decisive role in his work: “The creative process is not an end in itself and it’s not a purely cognitive activity with contents neither. It is always accompanied by emotions.” Emotions and the question of meaning lead him primarily within his ambition to transport something out into the world.

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Jason Becheey Photo by Ida Zenna

“The Capacity to Organize” – Interview with Jason Beechey

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Age of Artists: How did you become an artist?

Jason Beechey: Well, I don’t really know if you become an artist. I think it’s sort of two things for me: the word artist makes me scared, because I find it’s a word that people can very often misuse or they use it as an excuse for things. I think it is also a very sacred word whereas somebody says “I am an artist”, it makes me feel like “Wow!”.

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Julian Schwokowsky Glow in the dark

It’s about an inner certainty. Interview with painter Julian Schwokowsky

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Based in Berlin Julian Schwokowsky is an artist who pays special attention to his gut feeling. This approach takes place directly from the beginning of his working process but also throughout: “It’s possible that you have five or six ideas at the same time and they might be likewise great from a rational or functional point of view. But then you will decide just for one of them. It’s about an inner certainty.”

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