Florian Hammerich Lucija Mikas

Empathy through Movement: Interview with Dancer Lucija Mikas

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“First, every movement emerges as a reaction of the emotional life. Contemporary dance is seen as a physical expression of ideas and emotions,” explains Lucija Mikas during the conversation about the origin of her ideas. “I for example see a fig tree, growing out of a stone. This fig tree reminds me of my rootlessness, because I don’t see his roots.

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Jason Becheey Photo by Ida Zenna

“The Capacity to Organize” – Interview with Jason Beechey

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Age of Artists: How did you become an artist?

Jason Beechey: Well, I don’t really know if you become an artist. I think it’s sort of two things for me: the word artist makes me scared, because I find it’s a word that people can very often misuse or they use it as an excuse for things. I think it is also a very sacred word whereas somebody says “I am an artist”, it makes me feel like “Wow!”.

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