Ludger Bruemmer

„The Moment of Surprise Always Adheres to Creativity.” – Interview with Ludger Bruemmer

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

During the interview with Bruemmer it becomes clear, that the aspects of emotionality and sensuousness play a decisive role in his work: “The creative process is not an end in itself and it’s not a purely cognitive activity with contents neither. It is always accompanied by emotions.” Emotions and the question of meaning lead him primarily within his ambition to transport something out into the world.

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Hye Young Kim Helsinki

“I consider it as my job to create something new” Interview with Hye Young Kim

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“I always have to paint new things and I may not bore myself. It is always the search for something new. I consider it as my job to create something new” says Korean painter Hye Young Kim in her interview with Age of Artists.

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„Ich muss immer neue Sachen malen und darf mich nicht langweilen, es geht also immer im die Suche nach dem Neuen.

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