Hélène Picard Part of the Exposition "Being Alive"

My work is mainly about emotions – Interview with Painter and Sculptor Hélène Picard

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The interview was conducted by Julia Kierdorf (Age of Artists gGmbH) on February 12th, 2016 over video-conference. This text is licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 (creativecommons.org).

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Age of Artists: How did you become an artist?

Hélène Picard: I think that I have not exactly decided it. As a child I was really interested in drawing. I drew a lot, and I loved sewing.

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Sabine Schaefer Studio TopoPhonien 1992

The Idea of a Spherical Shape of Time – Interview with Sabine Schaefer

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Time: Not line, but sphere

„For me the notion of the ‘spherical shape of time’ includes a non-linear understanding of time that produces contemporaneity for anything. We split past, future and presence. This can be repealed through observation of art. The observer gets lost in observation, listening and perceiving of the art which happens right here and now.”

This form of here and now has also implications for Schaefer’s life scheme as she explains: “Constantly I try to do as less estranging things as possible, especially nothing that could separate life and art.

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Zohar Fraiman Her Name was Flo

‘Painting is like a dance’ – Interview with painter Zohar Fraiman

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“For painting, you need a few things: you need a lot of guts, you need to be passionate and you also need to be attentive and listening. If you don’t have these guts or this kind of strength in your painting, I feel that things don’t really come through. You need to take it from inside and bring it out. […] What helps me a lot to paint is listening to music.

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