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Gardeners and Actors at the Desk

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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Things that attracted our attention in May:

What our most innovative thinkers have in common isn’t what you’d expect. That caption attracted our attention for sure. The article 4 Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers  published at the OBSERVER says: “Originals are nonconformists—people who not only have new ideas but take action to champion them,” Mr.

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Wolfgang Schmiedt

“To me, music is first and foremost a form of communication.” Guitarist Wolfgang Schmiedt on opportunities in improvisation

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English Version (German Version Below)

Jazz musician Wolfgang Schmiedt has worked with numerous artists, and he derives his most important message for non-artistic fields from these joint efforts: “How you can build something based on communication, if you listen to each other, this is a trait you may be able to learn from improvising musicians.”

The stage is a platform for communication in many ways, both with the public and between the active musicians.

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Caroll Vanwelden Cover Visual From: Sings Shakespeare Sonnets 2

Interview with Caroll Vanwelden: “Creating more and more and more”

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I was intrigued and very skeptical at the same time when I came across the Shakespeare project by Belgian pianist and singer Caroll Vanwelden, who published an album containing her own musical interpretation of sixteen Shakespeare sonnets in 2012. While the next album was devoted to jazz standards, the very productive artist delivered her take on another sixteen sonnets only two years later when she published a second Shakespeare album.

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Portrait of Charlie Parker in 1947

The Idea of Something Being Radically New is Misleading – Two Questions to Michael Gold

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Michael Gold is creator and principal of Jazz Impact where he combines world-class jazz with interactive and experiential learning and new ways of thinking around leadership, engagement and collaboration in business. Michael is also one of our affiliated members. As part of our ongoing conversations I had the chance to ask him a couple of questions and what I got was both – surprising and inspirational. But find our for yourself!

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Daniel Prandl

“I can learn more from a concert I dislike than from a concert I love!” – Interview with Daniel Prandl, jazz pianist and composer

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Age of Artists met with Daniel Prandl in one of the study rooms of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany, where he teaches students of the piano. Excerpts from our conversation can be found here.

Details about Daniel Prandl’s music be found at

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