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Interview with Linda Naiman: Imagination + Creativity + Empathy + Innovation = Value Creation

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Linda Naiman is our most recent member to our global partner network. Located in Vancouver, Linda is a respected author in the field of collaborative creation and founder of Creativity at Work, an innovation consultancy specializing in developing creativity, leadership, and innovation in organizations.

AoA: Linda, your magic formula is Imagination + Creativity + Empathy + Innovation = Value Creation. Let’s start with the result. What do you refer to as value?

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Dr. Arthur Durham Microphotograph of Traverse Section of Wood

Making mistakes is a concept that does not exist in the arts: Professor Michael Brater on taking detours and the love of experimentation

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English Translation by Hendrik Achenbach
Deutsche Version unten / German version below

In an interview with Age of Artists, education research expert Michael Brater explains how mistakes cannot exist in the area of arts. He has recognized what artists share as a fundamental attitude: “It does not matter if something happens that I did not intend. The question is how I can deal with it. It is only going to be an error if I cannot handle it.” The most interesting thing is experimental “playing”, says Brater.

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Collage based on Caspar David Friedrich Wanderer Above the Sea Fog

Make space for playing: Interview with Tim Leberecht (Part 1)

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A couple of years ago I came across an article by Tim Leberecht on what entrepreneurs can learn from artists which made it immediately into my list of top reads of that year. I was fascinated by the ease at which Tim connected multiple somewhat known but not necessarily related points into a coherent whole. Tim must have realized long ago that every innovation in some way is a derivative of what exists.

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