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„Each Work gives me the Possibility to use an Individual Language” – Interview with Artist Lisa Peters

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The young artist Lisa Peters studies and works in Berlin. She exudes a dynamic that is also visible in her art – at the moment she is focussing on video and sculpture. Basically it’s not possible to pin her down to one artistic discipline, because she discovers new fields frequently: “I don’t want to be “just” the sculptress or the film-maker. And I think this is great, that each work gives me the possibility to use an individual language. In order to reach that language I have to figure out if video, sculpture, or for instance sound, can express the idea the best way.”

Thematically she is very interested in the human body right now: “The human body is a universal subject. The classic body itself, but also the language, the demarcation of individuals in society, the socio-cultural aspect. Also the balance between inner and outside world deals with the human body. Topics like boundaries and communication keep me busy a lot of times.” Perspectively she doesn’t set herself any limits. “I’m interested in the issue of the human body from a medical and biological perspective. Very exciting is the subject of skin. Skin is the gateway between myself and everything what is in the environment. It is the personal boundary to the surrounding area.”

The question of the material plays a decisive role in her art. For example she once sewed a curtain of pigskin. “The meaning of the material is quite important for me in the sense that it also supports the idea of the work. The material is chosen specifically because of the idea. The idea causes the material.” In this manner she comes in contact with different kind of materials frequently and works with them. Thus she encourages an individual know-how: “After a while you become acquainted with the material and you know how to cut it, touch it or how to add something. Nobody else could do it for you or could explain you how it works, because nobody else had the same experience as you did.”

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Lisa Peters

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