About Us

The Organization

Age of Artists is a Consultancy, Education Provider and Research Institute that focuses on identifying and transferring the creative practices and problem-framing patterns of art into other disciplines and contexts in order to empower individuals, teams and organizations to resolve complex and systemic business challenges as well as promoting individual growth and skill development for all.

What We’ve Learned

If your work is meaningful, original, and vivid–if you create–the outcome, your approach, and your attitude will grow. The path is non-linear and twisty. The practice is iterative.

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You don‘t need to become an artist to work more artistically. The patterns of the artistic process work in every discipline.

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Our Core Team

We might not be who you think we are. Find out more about the seasoned business professionals behind Age of Artists.

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Our Partners

Access our multi-disciplinary global network to ensure a broad set of perspectives, insights and talent.

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Our Motivation

Design Social Change

Many challenges in the world are extremely complex. Artistic approaches can help.

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Better Business

People Centricity and Collaborative Creation to Drive Creativity and Innovation in Organizations.

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Future Competences

Learning from Creative Disciplines is a Must-Have, not a Nice-To-Have.

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