Our Core Team

Adina Asbeck

Head of Rehearsal

Adina is studying History of Arts in her Bachelors Degree at the Freie University in Berlin. To broaden her area of expertise she wants to start studying Political Science next year.

Stephanie Barnes

Head of Intuition

Stephanie is a painter and knowledge management consultant who works with organizations to make better use of what they know. She studied accounting and information technology, and is a self-taught artist.

Thomas Castéran

Vice President of Bricolage

Thomas is a fresh graduate in International Business. After holding different responsibilities in Sales and Digital Marketing, Thomas recently joined Google.

Dirk Dobiéy

Chief Curiosity Conductor

Dirk is co-founder of Age of Artists. He has a background in business and social science. Between 1998 and 2014 Dirk held various consulting and international management positions at companies such as SAP, T-Systems and Hewlett Packard.

Kathrin Dobiéy

Head of Serendipity

Kathrin is Head of Serendipity at Age of Artists. She has a business background and worked for different companies such as L’Oreal, VF Corp., and Idee.Design.Licht as a Sales & Marketing Manager.

Christiane Enkeler

President, Observation & Listening

Christiane, a public radio journalist since 2005, writes documentaries and radioplays focusing on culture. Having a background in German Language, Literature and Education, she is currently studying Anthropology.

Marc Frankenberger

Executive Vice President of Experiment

Marc is a project manager and consultant focusing on digital transformation initiatives in areas such as Online Marketing, Web and Systems Development in small and medium-sized companies.

S. Kirsten Gay

President of Play

Kirsten is co-founder of Age of Artists. As a design leader and business strategist, Kirsten has over 18 years experience using human centered approaches to create experiences for businesses consumers in the technology area.

Eric Heinen-Konschak

Chief Uncertainty Explorer

Eric, over 30 years experience in digitilization, long-time IT manager and effectuation expert. Thinks digitalization consistently from the human perspective. Gives companies security during the transformation into uncertain and fast-moving times.

Daniel alias Walbrodt is a visual artist and performer, working with artistic interventions and processes in various organizations. He received the EMA (Economy Meets Art) award for his work ‘In-Company Atelier’.

Daniel Hoernemann

Executive President, Mistakes and CoinciDances

Elmar Holschbach, PhD

President Release and Performance

Elmar is a professor for organization and supply management at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences. Elmar has over 15 years of project experience in various areas and for several companies such as Capgemini.

Thomas Koeplin

Chief Inspiration Officer

Thomas is co-founder of Age of Artists. He has over 18 years of experience as an expert in organizational and strategy development as well as corporate communications and is also active as an author and speaker.

Alexander Loskant

Head of Abstraction and Synthesis

Alexander is a Media Scientist and Professor for Media Management in Cologne. Co-Producer of European movies since many years, he possesses a strong expertise in movie-making, creative leadership and digital transformation.

Hans is a scientist and lecturer at various universities in Europe. He designed the degree program Innovation Management at Campus 02 in Graz and looks back at 20 years of consulting experience.

Hans Lercher, PhD

Head of Innovative Thinking

Sebastian Mai, PhD

Chief Orchestration Officer

After graduating in theoretical physics in 2014, Sebastian left the field of sciences to become a self-employed proposing coding and programming web based business solutions for customers.

Raoul Pilcicki

Chief Alchemist of Interpretation

Raoul facilitates systemic transformations in public and private organizations. He studied Design and Business Informatics and researches organizational practices and trust in times of digitalization. He was the chairman of an association dedicated to theory and practice of Zen-Meditation.

Johann Sarmiento-Klapper, PhD

Chief Thought Experimenter

Johann holds a doctorate degree in Human-Computer Interaction and is interested in simple things like groups, systems, learning, creativity and, of course, inter-action.  He has over 20+ years of professional experience in several fields including Software Design, Knowledge Management, User Experience Research, and Computer-supported Collaboration.

Barbara Sokolow

Head of Freedom and Autonomy

Barbara has worked in the technology industry since 1999. She held different roles as Strategic Consultant on both business and technical perspectives, and is currently senior manager within SAP.

Benjamin Stromberg

Vice President, Awareness & Attention

Benjamin is member of Age of Artists since 2014. He first studied science of communication and political science, and focuses now on political and organizational communication.

Melissa A. Visintin

Chief Remix Officer

Melissa is an international human-centered strategic business consultant and published medical illustrator. She has over 17 years of professional experience across different functions, different business and different industries.

Laura Westerheider is a professional communication designer, she heads a Hamburg-based agency called, inuit, which focuses on strategy and design. Laura accompanies customers in their brand-building journey, in both digital and print media.

Laura Westerheider

Head of Visual Perception