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Enterprise Design Associates. Consultancy.

eda.c is an independent European strategic design consultancy. We help our clients shape their future, co-creating rapid innovation pilots and enabling complex enterprises to renew themselves. We design whatever is needed to deliver.

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Miha Pogacnik

Classical concert violinist and leadership consultant.

Miha Pogacnik, classical concert violinist and leadership consultant, taps the unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organisational renewal.

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A foundation, network and platform rooted in arts and communication to support the dialogue between artists, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

Art and Butter connects creative practice with a business mindset helping artists to also market their work.

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Art and Butter

Art and Butter are Cultural Manager Petra Bach, Journalist Victoria Waldhausen, and Communications Designer Pascal Bruns.

Michael Atavar works with individuals and businesses, helping to solve professional problems, using creativity as a key. He is the author of four books ‘Better Magic’, ‘Everyone Is Creative’, ’12 Rules Of Creativity’ and ‘How To Be An Artist’, plus the creative card system ‘210CARDS.

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Michael Atavar

Artist and Creative Consultant.

Kevin Asbjörnson

Composer, Contemporary Pianist & Global Leadership Consultant. Managing Director Inspire Imagine Innovate Pte. Ltd.

Inspire Imagine Innovate® is an international consortium of professional educators, performing artists and inspirational facilitators whose unique keynote events, performing arts-based learning techniques and interactive workshops inspire personal transformation, engage the imagination and evoke inspiring leadership.

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“We turn our region into the most innovative one in Europe, with the aim to give us and our children the chance to work and live a prosperous life – today and in future.” The Degree Programme in Innovation Management at CAMPUS 02 in Graz was introduced in 2005 and is Austria’s first degree programme to dedicate its content entirely to innovation management.

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CAMPUS 02 – University of Applied Sciences

Degree Programme in Innovation Management

Linda Naiman

Artist, Designer, Leadership Coach, Creativity & Innovation Consultant.

Linda Naiman is founder of Creativity at Work, an innovation consultancy specializing in developing creativity, leadership, and innovation in organizations. Linda helps executives and their teams develop the mindset and skill sets to transform the way they work and find breakthrough solutions for business growth. Linda is co-author of Orchestrating Collaboration at Work. 

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