Tekom 2014

Age of Artists at Tekom annual conference

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Last week Age of Artists presented at the at the Tekom annual conference. Together with the TC World conference and Tekom fair under one roof Tekom annual conference is the largest global event and marketplace for technical communication. Technical communication? For us selecting this conference has been an adventure and positive surprise from the day when our contribution was accepted a couple of months ago. To talk about the positive influence artistic attitude and approaches can have on business and society is not exactly what visitors expect when they come to an event where other contributions have titles such as “Web Analytics for Authors of Technical Documentation Content”, “Multilingual Technical Documentation” or “Terminology at the Heart of Enterprise Content Management”.  It is fair to say we were not mainstream at this venue and yet it was a great opportunity to engage with people that are a core audience of our efforts – knowledge workers – and at the same time not as close to our subject as people, for instance, in design, education or management disciplines. It was great to see many interested participants come and join the session besides it was set for lunch time. But even better some stayed to say thanks for an “inspiring” presentation or to discuss some of the topics conveyed throughout the presentation. A notable success that  encourages us to continue to go where the audience is – no matter where they are.

Picture Source: Messe Stuttgart / Tekom / KDBusch


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