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The Annexation of Future and Time – Interview with Painter Joern Grothkopp

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Painter Joern Grothkopp already decided to become an artist when he was quite young. Likewise small decisions that he has to take while painting a picture, this important step for him was about an inner certainty: “If you’re not aware of the result before and finally you get surprised by yourself – this is annexation of future and time. It gives you self-confidence as well as self-coordination within this huge context where you don’t know where you’re standing. Through creating you become creative and can break with it.” Also the result of a decision is not clear from the beginning it doesn’t mean that the painter decides like arbitrary: “While working you feel that you do a thing on a certain base. It’s not that you think about ten different options and after you just decide randomly for one of them. Rather you feel that you have to pick the one and right option.”

The artist doesn’t work alone in his studio, he shares it with Sebastian Heiner, also painter. So it happens frequently that they give feedback to each other: “We already talk about it while creating but we try not to disturb each other. We know that there is a sensitive creative phase. It also can give a drive that has a negative impact.” Critique for Grothkopp is sensitive as it is a very important matter. That’s why he also allows external critique to get through to him: “You always have to try to localize the other one so you can see from which position he says something. As such many things are put into perspective. The rule is to be careful and to acknowledge the benefit at the same time. It is hard to feel, think and talk without any stereotypes.” To work collaboratively already was a fixed part of the working process when he was studying at the popular art academy in Dresden. Important part of teamwork was not just to analyze each other but also to come closer on a personal level. One thing conditions the other: “You try to integrate it and after a while you get to know each other.” You can explore more about Grothkopp’s perspective on the artistic process  in the complete interview (German only).


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Picture Source: The artist


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