Artistic Intelligence and Commercial Artists – Our Links of the Month

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Artistic intelligence and Commercial Artists – this months links play with fire, so it’s only logical to surface a contribution that explains why it doesn’t make any sense to be an artist.

Sam Wetherell wrote an article for the Jacobin, presenting the new thoughts of Richard Florida, “who wants you to know that he got almost everything about cities wrong. Talking about “creative classes” and how they influence our urban lives, his latest book, The New Urban Crisis, represents the culmination of this long mea culpa. Though he stops just short of saying it, he all but admits that he was wrong. He argues that the creative classes have grabbed hold of many of the world’s great cities and choked them to death.”

So why be creative at all? Why be an artist? This video created by Simon Cade gives an insight  on “Why You Shouldn’t be an Artist” – Or should you at least try?

Cat Ellis published an interview with Jony Ive for the TechRadar, asking the question “Why add art?”. “The shift from STEM to STEAM is important as design will make technology better – more accepted, relevant to human need and much more desirable and useful […] from driverless cars to AI, VR and AR, design can ensure that new technology benefits people across the board.”

Directed and edited by Mitchell Mullins and produced and written by Eli Paul, “Too Far Gone” is a video and testament to creatives who often find themselves absent from the moment. Not through choice but from their own drive to create. It is so important to stop and appreciate the moments for what they are and what they stand for.

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