Virtual Virtuoso: Better Working Online

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Virtual collaboration

Inform, learn, exchange ideas with others – we are increasingly shifting our communications and collaboration increasingly into the virtual world. This development started decades ago and now increasingly includes creating together. It is driven by globalization, technological progress (digitization) and the demand for efficiency. The impending climate catastrophe and the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) both show us that it can be reasonable and extremely necessary to virtualize collaboration with others.

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An Impulse in Everyone to Say Something that is Different – Interview with Edgar Schein

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Edgar Schein is author and former professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He has made substantial contributions to the fields of organizational development and organizational culture. For people interested in understanding how companies really work, Schein’s model of organizational culture developed in the 1980’s represents a major piece of the puzzle, and influenced generations of professionals dealing with organizational transformation and change – including ourselves. Less known but not less exciting, Ed Schein has also thought about the relevance of art to other elements of society like business or government, and why managers should learn about it.

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Photography taken from Brand Eins Cover July 2016

Wenn Kreise denken und lenken. Welche Organisationsform passt in die Wissensgesellschaft?

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Unternehmen quälen sich nicht ohne Grund mit der Frage nach der richtigen Form. Das klassische Modell der bürokratisch-hierarchischen Organisation scheint nicht recht zu passen zur Arbeit in Zeiten der Digitalisierung. Vor allem wenn es um die wichtigste Qualität eines wissensbasierten Unternehmens geht: seine Reaktionsfähigkeit. „Die ist notwendig, um in Zukunft in einer Welt zu bestehen, in der die Dynamik der Digitalisierung alle Unternehmen zu Softwarefirmen werden lässt und Effizienz durch zunehmende Automatisierung wohl bald an den Kollegen Roboter ausgelagert wird“, sagt Frank Klinkhammer, Gründer der Software-Beratungsfirma Netcentric.

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Théodore Géricault Portrait of an Artist in His Studio

Rather Art than Business: The best CEO’s get along without a MBA

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The Harvard Business Review released last week a list of world’s best-performing chief executives. One statistical detail easy to overlook deserves particular attention beyond the ranking: Only 25% of the top 100 CEO’s have an MBA. So, clearly there must be something else that matters when it comes to leading for long-term performance and the triple bottom line. Already some years ago leading thinkers and education experts such as Sir Ken Robinson stated “The master of fine arts is the new master of business administration,” and supported his claim in saying “a study of the educational background of leaders in 652 engineering companies in Silicon Valley — you would expect that they had a background in science, engineering and mathematics,  yet .

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Alexandre Calame Swiss Landscape

The Best Performing Executives: Also a Matter of Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Longevity

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“Only one of the 10 best-performing CEOs in the world runs a U.S. company”, the Washington Post headlines last week, while pondering over the results of this years’ Harvard Business Review list of world’s best-performing chief executives that was released earlier that week. Eight of the top ten are CEOs of European companies and editor Jena McGregor notes “it’s the balance of sustainability measures with financial performance that explains why CEOs of U.S.-based companies are less represented at the top.” The reason why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who made it to the top previously, now moved down to #87 is because HBR changed the rules of the game.

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Harvard Business Manager Special Edition on Change Management

Failure isn’t the right idea – Harvard Business Manager on Change Management

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“One fails forward toward success.” Charles Kettering, Inventor and Engineer

The Harvard Business Manager, German version to the Harvard Business Review, has just released a special edition on change management featuring a case study of a digital experience project to which some members of Age of Artists contributed greatly. The project is a great example of how best practices derived from art and an artistic mindset can make a professional organization more successful and provide joy to those involved.

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Auguste Renoir Jeanne Samara

Imagination + Creativity + Empathy + Innovation = Value Creation – Interview with Linda Naiman

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Linda Naiman is our most recent member to our global partner network. Located in Vancouver, Linda is a respected author in the field of collaborative creation and founder of Creativity at Work, an innovation consultancy specializing in developing creativity, leadership, and innovation in organizations.

AoA: Linda, your magic formula is Imagination + Creativity + Empathy + Innovation = Value Creation. Let’s start with the result. What do you refer to as value?

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Defy the Data and Act on Intuition: Interview with Tim Leberecht (Part 2)

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Note: This is the second part of an Interview with Tim Leberecht, Chief marketing officer of NBBJ and Author of The Business Romantic. Please access the first part here.

Dirk: Tim, in your book The Business Romantic you propose to not just use quantitative measures to deal with complexity. What other options do we have?

Tim: Complexity begins when quants end. The truly complex things are the ones we can’t comprehend, those outside of our grasp.

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Collage based on Caspar David Friedrich Wanderer Above the Sea Fog

Make space for playing: Interview with Tim Leberecht (Part 1)

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A couple of years ago I came across an article by Tim Leberecht on what entrepreneurs can learn from artists which made it immediately into my list of top reads of that year. I was fascinated by the ease at which Tim connected multiple somewhat known but not necessarily related points into a coherent whole. Tim must have realized long ago that every innovation in some way is a derivative of what exists.

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