Greetings (Schiller)
Picture source: Taken in Friedrich Schiller’s birthplace in Marbach am Neckar near Stuttgart early, respectively a museum nearby in early November. It shows a page of a diary where Schiller put a note to his friend Johann Christian Weckherlin: "Forever united with you; your doctor, your poet and your friend." In German the note actually rhymes. Weckherlin was probably delighted about the note except for the outlook of having Schiller as his doctor. Reports exist according to which he sometimes exaggerated with his prescriptions.

Inauguration of The Peace Maker-Franklin-Emerson Circle

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Kirsten Gay participated last week on behalf of Age of Artists at the Inauguration of the The Peace Maker-Franklin-Emerson Circle. This was the first formal meeting for this group whose purpose is to enhance the United States of America in the eyes of the world by promoting a cultural conversation. The circle was held in the home (Historical Museum) of Ralph Waldo Emerson. At Age of Artists we are grateful to be part of this emerging effort.

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Age of Artists Branding

New Virtual Home for Age of Artists

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After a couple of busy weeks we proudly announce the launch of our new web presence. It comes with a whole new look and feel based on an enhanced visual identity for Age of Artists. Additional content about our community, how to engage and how to contribute has been added. A new portfolio section has been created to allow for easy access to publications from Age of Artists. An option to subscribe to our newsletter, which will be released on a quarterly basis and launched before year end, has been added as well as full social media integration.

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Tekom 2014

Age of Artists at Tekom annual conference

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Last week Age of Artists presented at the at the Tekom annual conference. Together with the TC World conference and Tekom fair under one roof Tekom annual conference is the largest global event and marketplace for technical communication. Technical communication? For us selecting this conference has been an adventure and positive surprise from the day when our contribution was accepted a couple of months ago. To talk about the positive influence artistic attitude and approaches can have on business and society is not exactly what visitors expect when they come to an event where other contributions have titles such as “Web Analytics for Authors of Technical Documentation Content”, “Multilingual Technical Documentation” or “Terminology at the Heart of Enterprise Content Management”.  

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The head, hand and heart of art – Age of Artists publishes white paper with preliminary research findings

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The head, hand and art of the arts – Age of Artists publishes white paper with preliminary research findings.

We have already developed a great appreciation for artists of all genres and the way they approach their individual missions. This is a mission where work and life cannot be separated from each other and yet there is room for family, friends, hobbies and even the most mundane things. 

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TC World 2014

Upcoming conference speech of Age of Artists at TC World 2014 in Stuttgart

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Age of Artists participates in November at TC World 2014 in Stuttgart.

Excerpt from the session description: With technological advancements such as big data, text analysis, cognitive computing and others a large portion of knowledge work will be automated during the next decades. With this evolution step knowledge workers of the future are required to extend their skill set. Many of the required skills can be derived from the creative disciplines.

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Poetry Slam at Art of Management 2014

First conference appearance: Age of Artists in Copenhagen

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Age of Artists founding member S. Kirsten Gay delivered our first conference presentation at the art of management & organization conference that took place in Copenhagen Aug 28-31. Today we are pleased to share the presentation. The related white paper will be released to the public in a couple of weeks.

The Art of Management & Organization exists to bring together a community of scholars, researchers, practitioners, artists, managers, consultants and anyone who is interested in understanding management and organization from perspectives drawn from the humanities and arts.

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Miha Pogacnik National Gallery

What can Business learn from Classical Masterpieces – Interview with Miha Pogacnik

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“Great Art really mobilizes the total human nature and that is very important.”

One of the objectives of Age of Artists is to promote the dialogue and exchange with thought leaders at the intersection of art and business. One of our first conversations brought us to Miha Pogacnik, classical concert violinist and leadership consultant that taps the largely unexplored potential of art as a significant force for productivity, creativity and organizational renewal.

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