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Age of Artists at Knowtech 2015

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Age of  Artists presented last week at  this year’s Knowtech, a conference about knowledge management, social collaboration and industry 4.0 for German-speaking audiences. The host BITKOM, the industry association for the digital sector in Germany offered a diverse and very interesting selection of keynotes, lectures and workshops. The motto „Smart and Social – knowledge activation in the digital age” was constantly present and people discussed all the great opportunities technology innovation provides while wondering what this will mean for people and their work. Read More

Inga Kerber for Brand Eins

The Da Vinci Code

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German business magazine Brand Eins featured Age of Artists in their July Edition with an extensive feature. And what a title to begin with: The Da Vinci Code! Truly a wonderful idea by author Dirk Boettcher to lead into the story that continues to provide a great introduction into what we aim for: Learning from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society, and as the author notes “The idea is not to change things with means of art.

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Vassily Kandinsky Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles

What you need to know about growing a creativity culture

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German Version Below / Deutsche Version Unten

We are pleased to announce the release of our research essentials on how to develop a culture that grows and nurtures creativity and innovation – on an individual and organizational level.

This document represents a condensed version of our research and an invitation for dialogue and exchange. Our investigation was realized between October 2013 and July 2015 and continues on.

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Pieter Bruegel the Elder Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

BITKOM-Leitfaden: Intelligente Maschinen verändern die Arbeitswelt

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Mit dem Leitfaden “Kognitive Maschinen – Meilenstein in der Wissensarbeit” legt BITKOM eine Publikation vor, die einen Einblick in die Einsatzgebiete intelligenter Maschinen gibt und die Dimensionen des Wandels in der Wissensarbeit des Menschen aufzeigt. Dirk und ich hatten Gelegenheit, einen gemeinsamen Beitrag zum Leitfaden beizusteuern: “Der künstlerische Mensch als Gegenstück und Ausgleich Künstlicher Intelligenz”. Der Titel lässt schon vermuten, dass es einen starken Bezug zu den Standpunkten und Erkenntnissen von Age of Artists gibt.

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Rethinking Education: Age of Artists Contribution to Publication by the Access to Culture Platform

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The Access to Culture Platform under the leadership of ENCATC has published – in the context of the structured dialogue with Member States and the European Commission – a compilation of essays with the title: Rethinking Education– Empowering Individuals with the Appropriate Educational Tools, Skills and Competencies, for their Active Cultural, Political and Economic Participation in Society in Europe and Beyond.

The aim of this Publication is to foster critical debate, stimulate innovative thinking and publish contributions written by academics, research experts as well as a broader set of practitioners organizations, artists and people working in the cultural and education policy field.

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The head, hand and heart of art – Age of Artists publishes white paper with preliminary research findings

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The head, hand and art of the arts – Age of Artists publishes white paper with preliminary research findings.

We have already developed a great appreciation for artists of all genres and the way they approach their individual missions. This is a mission where work and life cannot be separated from each other and yet there is room for family, friends, hobbies and even the most mundane things. 

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