Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park No. 131

Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings: Our Top Five Picks of the Month

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What has inspired Age of Artists in March? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Our Top Five Picks of the Month:

“Artists can illuminate truth, offer transcendent experience in a far too literal world, challenge us to feel, and connect us to our common humanity”. 6 success stories about collaboration between artists and organizations from the Guardian.

But which artistic ways of thinking and methods do fit the needs of economy and organizations? Currently, Design Thinking is traded as the universal remedy for innovation leakage. This dynasty will fall, states Jeffrey Tjendra on Innovation Excellence.

But if he’s right how instead should we begin to face future challenges? Painter Richard Diebenkorn’s “Notes To Myself On Beginning a Painting” might be something keep in mind – at least when getting started.

The New York Times reports The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York has been collaborating with a conceptual artist to help with Big Data representation.

Besides these encouraging ideas empathy is the secret weapon for turning crises into wins – in business and elsewhere writes Thorsten Franz on SCN.

What has inspired you in March?

Picture Source: Richard Diebenkorn: Ocean Park No. 131 on used here in accordance with fair use principles.


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