Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings: Our Top Picks in July

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What has inspired Age of Artists in July? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the World Wide Web. Our Top Picks of the Month:

You can touch the piece of furniture made by the cabinetmaker and rate the performance of an assembly-line worker – but what is about the work results of a knowledge worker? How do you measure their efficiency? Some companies already evaluate mails, chats and calendars from their employees so they can to draw conclusions about their performance. Ethan Bernstein, Author at Harvard Business manager, writes about digitization and optimizing of the working life. Read the article about a new level of transparence in the working environment and his conclusion that organizational cultures that foster psychological safety, trust, balanced power dynamics, and collaboration can help leading to quality, not quantity.

Another mismatch between quality and quantity might be the tradition to conduct performance reviews and rankings in organizations. Read about why global consultancy firm Accenture gets rid of them Read the whole story in the story by Lillian Cunningham at washingtonpost.com.

The business world changes quickly – and our children will be part of it one day. But what are future skills and how will requirements develop? Peter Diamandis asks the question that moves many parents: How do you raise kids today during these exponential times? Find out if Diamandis discovered a satisfying answer and maybe spread the word or at least share it with your favorite friends with kids. Also have a look at the AoA- blog post about Diamandis´article.

You might also enjoy the story of a CEO trying to bring purpose to business, being ‘ashamed’ of his pay and talking about having the company’s ‘simplest job’. Read the story by Lillian Cunningham about Unilever CEO Paul Polman in the Washington Post.

Our Twitter-Highlight of the month was the announcement of the article about AoA in the german business magazine brandeins  “The Da Vinci Code”.

What has inspired you this past month?

Picture Source: Dirk Dobiéy, Garden Plot, 2014.


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