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Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings: Our Top Six Picks in May

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What has inspired Age of Artists in May? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the World Wide Web. Our Top Picks of the Month:

We are taking advice from philosopher and literary critic Walter Benjamin with pleasure, for instance: “Nulla dies sine linea [‘No day without a line’] — but there may well be weeks”. Have a look at The Writer’s Technique in Thirteen Theses put together by Maria Popova: Timeless Advice on Writing. Yet we all know getting started is not easy. This is where a useful guide to creativity by Leo Babauta may help but we suggest you do not follow all advice relentlessly, for instance the one to “drink ridiculous amounts of coffee”.

Age of Artists is always looking for solutions where art can help to create better business and society. For instance this article by Nir Hindi suggests the future IT employees will need art in their lives. You might also want to know what the New York Times Magazine suggests Hollywood can teach us about the future of work in general? Another good one from the medical field: Can art save lives, asks Amy E. Herman? Not exactly, but our most prized professionals (doctors, nurses, police officers) can learn real world skills through art analysis as you can see in this short video.

A little bit off the grid but still worthwhile to to watch: Last month we discovered another inspiring video where Seth Godin asks us to stop stealing dreams by changing the way we educate the young.

What has inspired you this past month?

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