Harvard Business Manager Special Edition on Change Management

Failure isn’t the right idea – Harvard Business Manager on Change Management

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“One fails forward toward success.” Charles Kettering, Inventor and Engineer

The Harvard Business Manager, German version to the Harvard Business Review, has just released a special edition on change management featuring a case study of a digital experience project to which some members of Age of Artists contributed greatly. The project is a great example of how best practices derived from art and an artistic mindset can make a professional organization more successful and provide joy to those involved.

For everyone active in the project’s completion it serves as an example where applying artistic principles and art-based processes led to real business breakthroughs. Curiosity and observation, creativity and improvisation, collaboration and open communication are core competencies for knowledge workers—in the future more than ever. In addition, determination and persistence, agility and adaptability, supported by good leadership and a little bit of luck, bred success. Failing a couple of times along the way is just what it takes.

Titel quote: “Failure isn’t the right idea” from Rob Austin and Lee Devin (2003), Artful Making: What Managers Need to Know about How Artists Work, Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, p. xxvii.

Picture Source: Harvard Business Manager

For further information on the project please also refer to a previous publication in English.
Update to post: The HBM article is now available online here.


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