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First conference appearance: Age of Artists in Copenhagen

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Age of Artists founding member S. Kirsten Gay delivered our first conference presentation at the art of management & organization conference that took place in Copenhagen Aug 28-31. Today we are pleased to share the presentation. The related white paper will be released to the public in a couple of weeks.

The Art of Management & Organization exists to bring together a community of scholars, researchers, practitioners, artists, managers, consultants and anyone who is interested in understanding management and organization from perspectives drawn from the humanities and arts.

Kirsten presented our initial findings and insights drawn from conversations with artists and thought leaders which combined nicely to tell a compelling story of our suggested model and why it is important for individuals, organizations and for solving wicked problems. Great artists manage to keep head, hand & heart deliberately in sync over time and likewise the Age of Artists working model consists of three major elements: Head, Hand & Heart.

Head – summarizes our findings when it comes to developing an attitude as a basis or, a foundation for the artistic practice.

Hand – combines a series of actions that artists do and that we were able to identify that crossed the various art genres. We suspect them be relevant for other disciplines as well, in fact some of them are already common practice in other domains. We structured this section into three modules: Searching, Reflecting and Producing which contain another set of sub sections.

Heart – represents an attempt to capture the sphere of beliefs, feelings, faith, emotional evocation and emotions – both the emotions of the artists themselves and the emotions which they seek to evoke with their art or performances.

The overall presentation was very well received. Many participants took pictures of the model that we presented. The comments we heard was “Excellent presentation”, “This is the highlight of the conference so far for me” and “I really like the model”. During a vivid discussion with the audience after the presentation we understood that our concepts need to be deepened in the areas of “Studio Leadership” and “Five lines for the Organization”. We think this can be done by adding additional focus to these areas through further conversations with thought leaders and additional research.

On top of the learning during her presentation and follow-up discussion Kirsten had the chance to also establish a close connection with some very knowledgeable and committed individuals that we hope to connect and engage with further. On top Kirsten participated in the poetry slam during the conference and won the runner-up – but according to her that would have been more impressive if there were more than three poets there!

Our first conference presentation has been a great opportunity and experience for Kirsten and Age of Artists and encouraged us to continue our journey to constantly learning from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society. We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the success of the presentation, our conversation partners, the Art of Management & Organization team and academic organizer Per Darmer of the Copenhagen Business School.


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