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“Impoliteness means Challenging any Ideas and Conventions“ – Interview with Philippe Rixhon

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Philippe Rixhon, thought leader at the junctions of art, business and technology says you cannot manage innovation. Innovation isn’t about management; it is about creating an environment that nurtures innovation. This speaks to why corporations repeatedly try to manage innovation and repeatedly fail and why some large conglomerates are maybe better off not even trying. As provocative as this viewpoint may sound the same as exciting are the insights, perspectives and stories Philippe provided during the extensive interview Age of Artists was able to conduct with him, for instance when talking about challenging ideas and convention: “Impoliteness is contrary to political correctness. Political correctness in the domain of innovation is a handicap. You have the right to be impolite with people and things.” Supported by decades of practice and scientific research in the creative sectors of art, engineering, technology, leadership and business Philippe talks about his experiences through stories and anecdotes that make learning about creativity in business a fun experience.

The full interview is available here.

Please refere as well to Philippe’s presentation on creative leadership and the paper on Innovation Leadership: Five Leadership Characteristics of Theatrical Creation”>innovation leadership.

Find out more about Philippe Rixhon and his work on his website.

Credit goes to Melissa Visintin who did the interview transcript.


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