Sebastiano Lazzari. Trompe l'oeil still life

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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Things that attracted our attention in January:

A great example of an effort to bring artists and engineers together to exchange and to jointly develop ideas this month comes from Bosch. The global Player is connecting technology and creativity at the new research campus in Renningen. Watch them explain the new office concept, how it encourages innovative ideas and supports cooperation:

Cheryl Conner, entrepreneur and communications expert from Salt Lake City, says that more than ever, authentic communication is vital to business. She picked us up with her catchy headline at Forbes. Do you also want to know what hides behind the title The Real Reasons Thought Leadership Is Vital For Business (They Are Not What You Think) ? Then read on here.

Nancy J. Adler suggests you should keep a journal if you want to be an outstanding leader: „Research has documented that outstanding leaders take time to reflect. Their success depends on the ability to access their unique perspective and bring it to their decisions and sense-making every day.“ Read in Harvard Business Review what constitutes extraordinary leadership according to Nancy.

An then there was a word you don’t hear often along with the arts recently: beauty! David Brooks says “you change the world by changing peoples’ hearts and imaginations” and he is convinced it is done through beauty. Published on the The Opinion Pages of the New York Times. When Beauty Strikes.

What inspired you in January?

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons. Sebastiano Lazzari. Trompe l’oeil still life


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