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The roles you see here are for orientation purposes only. We respect your individual skills, strengths and availability.

The Supporter

You have close to no time but are interested in hearing, reading and seeing what’s going on at Age of Artists.

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The Ambassador

In this role, you act as a multiplier that helps spread the message through personal conversations with friends, colleagues and strangers, social media or in any other way that helps to increase awareness for our mission.

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The Mentor

As a mentor, you are an expert in one or many disciplines and you can help us verify our statements and assumptions by providing feedback, insights and direction.

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The Investigator

You are willing to invest some time, and you have great empathy for people. In this role, you identify artists and leading thinkers and you engage with them through interviews with the goal of increasing our knowledge and experience.

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The Collaborative Writer

You would like to contribute more of your time and you love to investigate and to write – in German or English. If you are great at structuring content from multiple sources and combining it into compelling results, this is the role for you.

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The Community Manager

You love to bring people together and to ensure they collaborate effectively in an enjoyable way. As a community manager, you will nurture the collective team spirit and help team members engage successfully.

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The Good Soul

In every successful endeavor there are people that just love to do the things that need to get done. You like to manage operations and enjoy organizing events. If you like this type of contribution this role is for you.

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