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As a sponsor you become an integral part of our tribe. As you chose you receive access to our internal collaboration solutions, research previews and will be invited to all meetings and events. There are also options for you to be mentioned in our publications, website or else.

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Your support is much appreciated in order to:

  • Continue doing primary and secondary research which requires a lot of work in the area of conducting interviews, creating transcripts, and publishing research findings.
  • Realize a digital publication where we invite artists of all genres to help us to convey our main finding not just through text but also through art itself.
  • Plan to create a learning curriculum that can be used to educate individuals that want to obtain an artistic attitude and learn about art-based instruments that can be applied non-art-related areas.
  • Attempt to create methods and tools that can be used in organizations – large and small, profit and non-for-profit to support the idea of innovative, sustainable and socially responsible business.
  • Target to increase our reach by building a professional network and by communicating our work to the public.
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