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Keeping an Open Mind: Interview with Artist Sharon Molloy

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“When I think about artistic attitude the first thing that comes to my mind is to be open,” says Sharon Molloy, professional artist. She was born and raised in the U.K. but started travelling when she went to art school near London, at the Winchester School of Art. It was from that point onwards that she would expand her world and learn the importance of keeping an open mind. We interviewed Sharon Molloy to understand how her creative process is informed by science and process and to learn how things she has learned in her creative practice can be incorporated into the activities undertaken by organizations. Keeping an open mind and being curious has helped her to learn and experience new things as she has travelled the world. She recognizes that being curious is what is important in learning, innovating, and evolving her art practice, “I always felt that impelling curiosity. If I hear something new I want to know everything about it instantly.”

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Ms. Molloy states, “there are no finished states, really. Those separated moments don’t exist…we humans think that something starts and ends so we can reuse the output.” When in fact, everything keeps going and evolving we keep learning, “I have evolved some practices…because I’m open minded and playful. Curiosity makes me compassionate as an artist and for my life in general. When I am able to awaken the interest and interaction with non-artists, I couldn’t wish for more,” Ms Molloy enthuses. She sees her role as bringing a different perspective to people who don’t usually have contact with the kind of art she makes (Networkism) and during the interview related an anecdote about some dentists she had the opportunity to interact with at an exhibition. And they recognized that they (the dentists) were a network, like her paintings depict.

Ms Molloy enjoys learning and discovering new things. She says she was interested in science and processes at school, but had to decide between those subjects and her art, choosing art but recognizing that there is much in common between the two. Both have curiosity and the desire to know something at their heart. She says, “sometimes my work has been included in magazines the look at art and mathematics or art and science. There are moments I feel more like a scientist and my studio resembles an experimental workshop.” Ms Molloy believes that organizations have lost their way, focusing too much on profit, and not on “customers, society, or the environment. I think something is missing there,” she says. Further explaining that, “we should be aware that everything we use or do as individuals has an impact in a much bigger context.” It is this sense of purpose that helps drive her in her creative process and keeps her asking questions.

Ms Molloy believes that art transcends language, that “with visual art you can experience something which transcends language. You can express things that are separated and connected at the same time. You can see all the paradoxes.” She asserts we need more of this, not less in the world we live in, if we are going to survive as a species and appreciate the privilege we have of living on this planet, in this vast universe.

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Interview by Dirk Dobiey
Blog by Stephanie Barnes
Blog Translation by Adina Asbeck
Transcription by Eugen Buss
Picture Source: Sharon Molloy


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