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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Things that attracted our attention in March:

Charles Eisenstein, Author and Speaker received an email from a student at an elite law school about Rhinos. On his blog he quotes it in full, because in his opinion, it cuts so deep to core issues so many change agents face. He writes: “When we know what it is like to be them, we will be far more capable of disrupting the narratives that scaffold our world-destroying machine. This is called compassion. It isn’t a substitute for strategy and action. It illuminates new strategies and makes all action more effective, because we can target them at the deep causes rather than forever battling the symptoms.” […] “In the story of interbeing, what happens to anything happens in some way to everything. We are free then to listen to what calls forth our passion, our care, and our gifts, whether the need that calls them seems large or small, consequential or invisible. Because each contains all, we can be peaceful in our fervor and patient in our urgency.”

Read the full essay

And one last quote from this piece:

Chogyam Trungpa: “When you can hold the pain of the world in your heart without losing sight of the vastness of the Great Eastern Sun, then you will be able to make a proper cup of tea.”

In March, we have discovered a formula: Startup = Art.  Mattan Griffel, CEO & co-founder of One Month, writes at the column Founder Friday about his motivation to run a startup.

Leadership 4.0 and theatrical work – are there similarities? Yes, theatrical work is a good orientation for future leadership because it is cooperation plus leadership and communication with empathy. Things like lack of time and competitiveness must be overcome. Read the full article in German.

We found the following article: “5 Ways to Inspire Creativity in Your Employees”  at But we also liked this content: How This Man Made the Leap From Artist to Entrepreneur” and especially this part: “So yes, the product and the CEO are a work in progress. But shouldn’t they be? “The entrepreneurial spirit of defining, of iterating on a vision,” McCoy says, “is what artists are fundamentally all about.”

Some other sites that have drawn our attention to itself:

What inspired you in March?

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