List of Interviewed Artists

(in alphabetical order)

Name Art Genre Nationality Residence Link to transcript
Beechey, Jason Dancer Canadian Germany
Bertram, Ursula Sculptor German France, Germany
Bisky, Norbert Painter German Germany
Bruemmer, Ludger Composer and Musician German Germany
Campbell, Paul-Henri Poet American Germany
Dobrila, Peter Tomaž Musician Slovenian Slovenia
Drdak, Maureen Painter American United States
Drieschner, Tex Musician and Composer German Germany
Fraiman, Zohar Painter Israeli Germany
Friedrich, Wolfgang Sculptor German Germany
Grothkopp, Joern Painter German Germany
Heiner, Sebastian Painter German Germany
Huhn, Ingolf Theater Manager and Opera Director German Germany
Kalaizis, Aris Painter German Germany
Kargus, Rudi Painter German Germany
Kretschmar, Sabine Actor and Visual Artist German Germany
Lowe, Anthony Painter English Germany Transcript
Pogacnik, Miha Musician, Classical Violinist Slovenian Slovenia, Germany Transcript
Prandl, Daniel Jazz Pianist and Composer German Germany Transcript
Quabeck, Benjamin Author and Movie Director German Germany
Schafer, Carolyn Jewelry Maker American United States
Schmiedt, Wolfgang Musician German Germany
Swartz, Stephen Photographer American Germany Transcript
Schwokowsky, Julian Painter German Germany
Vanwelden, Caroll Jazz Pianist, Singer and Composer Belgian Belgium
Van Zyl, Chuck Musician American United States
Wong, Virgil Visual Artist American United States