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What has inspired Age of Artists in the last month? Exciting, entertaining and controversial findings from the world wide web. Things that attracted our attention in February:

Dustin Timbrook, artist and creative director at Red Brick Strategies spoke at the TEDxHuntsville Conference about creativity. Watch the video to hear his thoughts about why or why not our world would be better off without artists.

At the Insight in Person podcast from January, the editors from Kellogg Inside ask: Why are business leaders turning to the arts — from storytelling to jazz ensemble, Argentine tango to tap — for insights into how to do their own jobs better?  They explain how lessons from the arts can help you become a more effective leader.

Last month we spoke about companies creating a culture of innovation: Now we found this quote from Willis Towers Watson: “A culture of innovation” should promote a safe, spirited atmosphere stimulating creative thought and offering ways to identify obstructions that severely suppress innovation. You want to read more?

We talk a lot about creativity but what about the origins of creativity? Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work, an innovation consultancy specializing in developing creativity, leadership, and innovation in organizations knows more about it.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a Bruce Mau-exhibition that relates design to social, organizational and economic problems. His project is to demonstrate the potential of design to combine aesthetic with ethical and social considerations, and, in the process, bolster the efforts of Philadelphians to foster positive change. Read more about the exhibition and have a mini-walk-through. 

What inspired you in February?

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons. Federico Barocci. Studies for the Hands of the Virgin Mary for the Annunciation



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