Initial A and a New Year's Wish 1483
"Initial A and a New Year's Wish", German. 1483, woodcut, Rosenwald Collection, National Gallery of Art

New Thinking for Generation A: Our 2015 Outlook

Dirk Dobiéy News, Organization 2 Comments

Learning from art is instrumental for modern organizations as they prepare for the long-term future, and for individuals engaged in this task. We are excited to start the second year of Age of Artists, and to further pursue our mission to learn from creative disciplines and apply our findings to create better outcomes for business and society.

Organizations in a global, digitized, networked experience economy want complexity reduction, innovation leadership, and superior customer experience. To survive, they need to revisit how things are done: leaders must become creativity coaches, processes must become more flexible and structures must become more porous to achieve the right idea or solution to a problem — or they will fail.

Individuals, on top of their existing expertise, need to obtain skills such as creative problem solving, experimentation and improvisation, design mindfulness, human interaction and collaboration, group critique methods and much more.

During the past year we have been able to verify through numerous conversations with artists and thought leaders that learning from how artists work is not only a way to create higher motivation and job satisfaction but is also a clear necessity for the future of the global economy and society. Establishing a balance between the right and the left side of the brain will help to bring beauty to business – not only because it is nice, but because it is needed. In short, learning from art is about making a contribution to the future of education, learning, working and solving wicked problems.

At Age of Artists, 2015 will be about:

  • continuing to engage with artists and thought leaders across all genres and disciplines.
  • launching a major publication based on our research findings.
  • piloting a learning curriculum to enable artistic thinking and art-based approaches in business and science.
  • developing and piloting approaches and methods to develop and nurture an artistic corporate culture.

We wish you great success for your endeavors and are eager to hear from you if our work has had a positive impact, or if we can help you in any way.

Happy New Year!



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    Thanks for this post Dirk. This perspective is really inspiring and interesting to bring in a business! I am really interested to see how to change the people perceptions and behaviors through this process to make the work environment a greater place of creative and innovative collaboration toward the upcoming challenges.
    Happy new year to you too, I wish you all the best!

  2. Avatar Post

    Dear Thomas. Appreciate you support and interest. Thanks as well for your kind wishes. All the best, Dirk

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