TC World 2014

Upcoming conference speech of Age of Artists at TC World 2014 in Stuttgart

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Age of Artists participates in November at TC World 2014 in Stuttgart.

Excerpt from the session description: With technological advancements such as big data, text analysis, cognitive computing and others a large portion of knowledge work will be automated during the next decades. With this evolution step knowledge workers of the future are required to extend their skill set. Many of the required skills can be derived from the creative disciplines. By learning from culture and people in culture, knowledge workers and their organizations will understand how to better put structure to strategy and context to data. From individual to organization and from organization to society, the right attitude and actions can make a difference. We are convinced that artistic thinking and action can provide answers. Skills, competencies, methods, ways of thinking and emotional perceptions, as we know from how artists work, will help to deal with and shape the far-reaching changes of our time for people, organizations and the global society.


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