Als der Wirr-Warr nach Altenburg kam
Als der Wirr Warr nach Altenburg kam, Anthony Lowe

“No one has ever given me a real Job” – Interview with Painter Anthony Lowe

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Painter of cities Anthony Lowe was born in London and studied art in Liverpool, Bristol and London. He lives and works near Altenburg in Germany. During an inspiring and entertaining conversation this past August in his workshop in Zürchau we learned how a career choice between becoming a vicar, joining a tank regiment and choosing art is made. The final choice is also surprising as we learn about Anthony Lowe’s bad art results in school.

Anthony Lowe’s ambition is to show things differently. During the conversation we as well start to see things differently as Anthony Lowe’s forty artful years gradually unfold. A life full of practice, passion and resilience or as the artist puts it: “You, the artist, are going to be stuck in a freezing cold room that you can’t afford to heat. You will have to make a decision between a pint of milk or a newspaper. And you will have to work very long hours. So you have to be passionate, or you won’t be resilient enough. You have to believe in what you’re going to be doing in the future, if you can’t believe in what you’re doing now. I still believe in my future.”

Clearly Anthony Lowe found his “real job” and he sticks to it while also offering some insights about what business can learn from art, for instance “to take it a bit easier and keep their eyes open for interesting other things. And enjoy life and let other people enjoy it. In business, you’ll only do well if your neighbor is doing well.”

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