Helge Steinmann Bomber One

Adding Something to the World – Interview with Graffiti Artist Bomber One

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

About courage, “to take the plunge, to go out at night and add something to the world.”

This sentence of course literally contains the process of the artist having the courage to spray a work, mostly outside and in secret. But furthermore it means to have the grit to express yourself in a public space; present ones’ art piece to the world and take advantage of the medium of art, to let everyone know ones’ position. Because “even if you seem to be invisible to the outside, the medium gives you a voice.” To become successful doing art isn’t easy. Helge Steinmann worked nearly two decades on his goal to be able to live from his graffiti and told us about his rocky road and his belief to have faith in yourself and never give up. “I’m certain, that you have to stick with some of your decisions for quite a while, so that one day they will lead you to success.”

Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Picture sources: Age of Artists


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