Artistic Expression: Experience Art in Your Job

Dirk Dobiéy Different Competences, Education

Customer Benefit:

Learn new skills from art practice.


Short, intense art-focused working sessions targeting skill acquisition and practical application of art-based processes as they apply to your business context.

Outcomes and Results:

Workshop / Seminar

Potential Programs:

  • Creative Methods: Fast-cycle introductions to creative processes that explore how to approach problems from multiple angles, iterate ideas, perform positive critiques and receive critiques to improve outcomes.
  • Introduction to Design: Use beginning design exercises common to all design disciplines as a way to foster creative problem solving.
  • Theatrical Improvisation and Role Play: The hilarity and earnestness of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream becomes a canvas to explore aspects of the creative process. Two-day sketch activity or half-day appetizer for a team or company.
  • Body Storming through Acting: Adapt cultural expectations through drama and role-play improvisation. Practice creative actions to seed desired behaviors into a team or company in a safe environment.
  • Improvisation: Acting techniques such as improvisation are used to teach comfort with ambiguity and spontaneity.
  • Orchestra/Design: Use play to help teams practice working together in a safe environment, either through group problem solving exercises or group music creation.
  • Sculpture and Critique: An introduction of critique and iteration as problem solving techniques by engaging with sculpture.
  • Effective Communication through Storytelling: Learn to tell persuasive, engaging stories through myths, reading, storyteller.

Note: In this offering the audience is active, i.e. creating art themselves.

Picture Source: Raphaelle Peale: Still Life with Cake, 1822, painting. Google Art Project on Wikipedia Commons.