Business Sculpture: Artful Environments at Work

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Customer Benefit

Evolve the organizational culture by focusing on the complete business ecosystem that includes individuals, teams and the department or company. Create an artistic, collaborative innovation culture that supports addressing complex business problems and successful creative solutions.


For a problem to be solved or an innovative idea to turn into a business success requires a supporting organizational set-up that extends into its business ecosystem. It also requires leadership that nurtures creativity, and competent, ego-free individuals that know how to collaborate with others. Building a business sculpture for us means to focus on all these aspects at the same time, so that the creative potential of an organization and its people can be unlocked and sustained over the long-term.

We use ethnographic research to understand perception and reality, assumption and behavior, myth and company culture. We use deep reflection to propose promising ways to creatively solve problems while introducing iterative, collaborative techniques that enhance team interaction, motivation and group problem solving skills.

Potential Focus Areas and Sample Services

  • Business Ecosystem: Support the development of open innovation and cooperation networks by removing roadblocks that inhibit innovation and collaborative culture to ensure that the culture is accepted and supported within its own business context by all levels of leadership, partners and the people from within.
  • Organization: Develop values, purpose, objectives, structure, processes and standards in collaboration with leadership, teams and the people who will live it.
  • Studio Leadership: Create safe environments where teams are built on trust so that collaboration can flourish, and where leaders coach their people to success as the future is emerging.
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Teach teams to play with confidence and without competition through the use of artistic practices.
  • Individual: Education programs that support the acquisition of art-based skills and competencies.

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