Education Programs: Learning Artistic Practices

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Customer Benefit:

Develop an artistic attitude by applying artistic practices on the job. Acquire artistic skills and competences through experiential learning.


Our education programs focus on acquiring artistic skills and developing creative confidence to support behavioral change – one person at a time. Together with our client, we develop individual learning programs that include components from one or more of our educational offerings: Live Arts, Art Encounters, Artistic Expression and Studio Learning.

Outcomes and Results:

An education program tailored towards client needs and customer expectations.

Potential Service Components:

  • Live Arts: Introduce people to the terrain of artistic practice in an entertaining and convincing way
  • Art Encounters: Expanding competence through guided art encounters.
  • Artistic Expression: Learn new skills from art practice
  • Studio Learning: Learn creative skills when it is most needed – on the job and when struggling on how to approach things differently

Picture Source: Jacob van Hulsdonck: Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Pomegranate, ca. 1620-1640, painting. The J. Paul Getty Museum.