Sabine Schaefer Studio TopoPhonien 1992

The Idea of a Spherical Shape of Time – Interview with Sabine Schaefer

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Time: Not line, but sphere

„For me the notion of the ‘spherical shape of time’ includes a non-linear understanding of time that produces contemporaneity for anything. We split past, future and presence. This can be repealed through observation of art. The observer gets lost in observation, listening and perceiving of the art which happens right here and now.”

This form of here and now has also implications for Schaefer’s life scheme as she explains: “Constantly I try to do as less estranging things as possible, especially nothing that could separate life and art. Over the years I developed a discipline that supports a conscious and harmonious life. I want to make art with full intensity and this needs time. In this manner, I build myself a panel from which I can work and live and that builds on the experiences of my artistic life. To be a master of your own time also means some kind of autonomy and less dependency on exterior events.”

Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Picture Source: Sabine Schäfer


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