“It’s impossible to create resonance at a certain time.” Interview with Sociologist Hartmut Rosa

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Rosa emphasizes that there is neither intention nor it’s possible to call up instantly such a resonance. “It’s impossible to create resonance at a certain time. I think a universal problem is the objective of making things available. My interpretation is that there is always an uncontrolled moment in art, in terms of production as well as of reception. You cannot say tomorrow I’m going to be creative at 2 pm. It always has to come along with the sweeping moment that I call resonance. The uncontrollable is part of this moment.” Right the contrary Rosa criticises the demand of making those oases of resonance available. It seems like this attempt is not only doomed to failure only, but it devalues the magic of resonance, too. Nevertheless Rosa could imagine “to create certain conditions to make it easier to access but without creating artificial oases of resonance. It shouldn’t be like if someone feels bad then he can go to the relaxing-room or the art-room. Rather it has to percolate through whole working structures.”

Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).


Picture Source: Hartmut Rosa, © juergen-bauer.com


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