Ludger Bruemmer

„The Moment of Surprise Always Adheres to Creativity.” – Interview with Ludger Bruemmer

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Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

During the interview with Bruemmer it becomes clear, that the aspects of emotionality and sensuousness play a decisive role in his work: “The creative process is not an end in itself and it’s not a purely cognitive activity with contents neither. It is always accompanied by emotions.” Emotions and the question of meaning lead him primarily within his ambition to transport something out into the world. “Sensuousness is a human trait that I stand for. It’s about not doing any art that is divorced from reality, but that we can connect to and ground ourselves in. Creativity is not scary to me, but the purpose of creativity and the question of implementing it is.” Thus it seems that Brümmer strikes an irrational path in order to connect himself to reality. To make sure that it works the clue is the final performance in front of the audience. “This is a privileged situation”, he says. To him it means kind of an esteem, which is fundamentally important for the progress of his work.

Download the full interview as a PDF (German only).

Picture Source: Ludger Brümmer

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