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‘Painting is like a dance’ – Interview with painter Zohar Fraiman

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“For painting, you need a few things: you need a lot of guts, you need to be passionate and you also need to be attentive and listening. If you don’t have these guts or this kind of strength in your painting, I feel that things don’t really come through. You need to take it from inside and bring it out. […] What helps me a lot to paint is listening to music. While I paint, I listen to music 95% of the time […] when you are painting, you are using your whole body. You are standing on your feet, moving back and forth, using your arms, moving your head. It’s like a dance. So the music enables me to connect all of that.”

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152Zohar Fraiman’s Workplace in March 2015

Picture Source: Zohar Fraiman. Visit Zohar at http://www.zoharfraiman.com/.


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