Roadblock and Root Causes: Understand More

Dirk Dobiéy Better Business, Consulting, Reflecting, Searching, Social Change

Customer Benefit:

Getting to the bottom of a complex problem driven by reliable and complete data probes and defining creative solutions collaboratively. Understanding complex challenges and driving simplicity. Resolving dilemmas, exploring opportunities and novel solutions.


Using quantitative and qualitative research methods to identify perception and reality around a challenge or problem situation. Using a collaborative process of analysis, propose possible creative solutions prioritized by their value / impact potential. Uncovering systemic roadblocks and root causes will allow an organization to create change programs that enable lasting improvements.

Deliverables and Results:

Roadblock identification, root cause analysis and creative problem solving methods to define next steps. Deep empathy leads to motivation and ideation. Can include KPI development to monitor improvements.

Potential Service Components:

Ethnographic & Experience research (e.g. surveys, interviews, cultural probes, etc.), Creative Problem Solving, Collaborative Opportunity and Solution Finding

Picture Source: Juan Sánchez Cotán: Still life with Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber, Painting, ca. 1600. Wikipedia Commons.