Searching Services: Experience Re-search

Dirk Dobiéy Better Business, Consulting, Searching, Social Change

Customer Benefit:

Understand people, team members, target audiences, and/or complex situations in actionable ways – to envision new opportunities, design improvements, or to measure impact.

Understand the people who are critical to your success and explore the factors that matter to them in a rich and reliable way.


Using a variety of qualitative and quantitative human research methods, capture and synthesize rich perspectives about a situation, the factors that affect it, and the dynamics involved. We use a systematic process of data collection and analysis that combines a range of methods including traditional surveys and interviews as well as Experience Testing and “Day-in-the-Life” ethnographic shadowing, among others.

Our collaborative process ensures that we have the right combination of rich and pragmatic research activities and that key factors like reliable representation from all key sub-groups and diversity of perspectives are taken into account.

Outcomes and Results:

The outcome of all of our research activities is a detailed, holistic, and compelling picture of your situation – and one that is truly owned by you/your team in a way that will enable action and successful outcomes. We are not about deliverables but about empowerment, growth and systemic progress because the output of our Experience Research activities is of the highest visual quality, and carefully crafted to the specific and ultimate goals of our clients.

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