Hans Hoffmann A Hare in the Forest

What you need to know about growing a creativity culture

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We are pleased about the release of our research essentials on how to develop a culture that grows and nurtures creativity and innovation – on an individual and organizational level.

This document represents a condensed version of our research and an invitation for dialogue and exchange. Our investigation was realized between October 2013 and July 2015 and continues on. Up to now we conducted interviews with close to 50 artists from all genres to learn about their work in general, and more specifically their mindset, approaches, practices and action paths. We engaged as well in conversations with individuals that work at the intersection of art and other disciplines, and with leading scientists in various disciplines such as brain science, sociology, education, art and design, and creativity research. Finally we also engaged with business executives in various industries to find out about their needs, expectations and current thinking. The transcriptions of our interviews and conversations will be gradually published on our website. Our research objective is identical to our mission, which is to “learn from creative disciplines for better outcomes in business and society”. We’ve been particularly interested in learning about elements of the artistic attitude and practice that map to the demands of today’s society and economy and that may be transferred and used in other disciplines such as business and science – independent from art as a domain, artists, works of art or the art market. Using, not abusing, practices from art more broadly and more consistently is what we refer to as the Age of Artists.

Please download the document here.

Picture Source: Hans Hoffmann (German, about 1530 – 1591/1592), A Hare in the Forest. The Getty.


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