Rethinking Education: Age of Artists Contribution to Publication by the Access to Culture Platform

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The Access to Culture Platform under the leadership of ENCATC has published – in the context of the structured dialogue with Member States and the European Commission – a compilation of essays with the title: Rethinking Education– Empowering Individuals with the Appropriate Educational Tools, Skills and Competencies, for their Active Cultural, Political and Economic Participation in Society in Europe and Beyond.

The aim of this Publication is to foster critical debate, stimulate innovative thinking and publish contributions written by academics, research experts as well as a broader set of practitioners organizations, artists and people working in the cultural and education policy field.

Age of Artists contributed with an essay which was created February/March 2014. It starts on page 182 and is titled: Art and Economy – How professional organizations can learn from creative disciplines. In this essay we explore how business can learn from creative disciplines building on a case study from within the IT industry.


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