Creative Spaces

Organize for Rewarding Interaction

We help senior leaders to set up spaces for creativity that respond to the
demands of today’s business environment with actionable, pragmatic and lasting strengths.

Outcomes and Results

  • Inspirational, satisfying and effective workplace in support of a creativity culture as a shared value system within your organization.
  • Definition of position in and contribution to society as a foundational element of a strong organizational culture.
  • Uncovering systemic root causes to challenges in the organization and provide decision support to selecting and eliminating roadblocks for creativity, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Activation of collective creativity when budgets are tight but growth opportunities demanded.
  • Improved decision making processes and effective innovation networks based on collective wisdom and strong business ecosystems.
  • Improved ways of communicating within your organization and with your customers through dialogue and conversation.
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Project Examples

#1: Design Readiness

“Deep ethnographic user research combined with creative thinking has the power to find and illustrate the mandatory cases for change and informs improved collaboration through compelling stories.”

– Client executive

The Challenge

A department responsible for internal processes and applications had already a team of designers in place but was still challenged by low adoption of their solutions. It was difficult for them to convince senior stakeholders and internal clients to recognize the criticality of this topic.

The Outcome

The company has a team of internal experience professionals who deeply understand the business and are embedded as partners on the most tenacious business problems.

The Journey

  1. A pilot ethnographic study was conducted which revealed significant hidden issues that were not discovered through the traditional requirements and design process.
  2. A decision was taken to embed user researchers into the company.
  3. Through examples and early results all members of the organization understood the value of user research and the positive impact it brings to tackling complex tasks.
  4. The team developed and rolled out an integrated approach bringing together business, technology, design and research skills to work together collaboratively with improved means of understanding.