The Artistic & Innovation Readiness Instrument

How creative are you at work?

Gain insights that will guide your understanding of your current repertoire of practices and their degree of success with key areas of successful opportunity-finding and problem-solving.  Based on these insights you will be able to make effective decisions about professional and organizational development initiatives, recruitment, assignments, and even strategy development.

The Artistic & Innovation Readiness Instrument has been developed by a cross-disciplinary team at Age of Artists that combines many years of experience in business, art, design, anthropology, psychology, sociology and various other fields of expertise.

Overview and Description

The Artistic & Innovation Readiness Instrument explores unique practices associated with critical aspects of successful innovation in individuals, teams, and organizations. These practices are the small and not-so-small doings that constitute the “mechanics” of qualities such as curiosity, purpose, passion, resilience and transcendence. The instrument, currently in the final stages of development, is presented as an online experience lasting between 25-30 minutes. Specifically, the participant explores 4 key dimensions or “patterns” at the heart of the non-linear, iterative process that characterize successful artists and creative people. Searching, Reflecting, Creating and Performing. These practices are at the core of the Age of Artists innovation framework and include those related to observing, listening, exploring, collecting, re-framing, challenging, composing, rehearsing, orchestrating, and inspiring -among others.

The Artistic & Innovation Readiness Instrument is not a personality profiling framework -after all, the best research in creativity has shown that the creative person defies the traditional personality categories by moving purposefully and in complex ways, for instance, between extroversion and introversion or from playful exploration to disciplined execution. Instead, it profiles the competence and resourcefulness associated with the specific practices that underlie a successful innovation engagement from beginning to end (and beyond.)

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