Create Multivalent Solutions

We help you to build solutions that elevate and redefine customer experiences through integrated innovation concepts that are socially responsible and sustainable.

Outcomes and Results

  • Uncovering improvement opportunities within existing portfolio and transformation of customer experiences.
  • Systematic and deep insights to support the right decisions on future products and services.
  • Organizational enablement for overcoming and redefining innovation challenges.
  • Solutions that people enjoy using and that align with cultural and usability standards.
  • Workshops, Events, Process Support to enable individual insight and collaborative creation.
  • Prototypes, Mock-Ups, Visualizations to evolve ideas and concepts.
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Project Examples

#1: Approval Workflow

“This is the best application we have every made.”
– Sales executive

“This will change my life.”
– Chief of Staff

The Challenge

The initial version of an workflow approval application for the executive team of a global sales force failed user acceptance tests. The project team agreed a new approach was necessary to revision how the application would work.

The Outcome

Allow sales executives to execute workflow from anywhere in the world, in real time, with all the information they need to make the right decisions. Task flows based on research created a  seamless, intuitive application that reduced the amount of time needed by 75%.

The Journey

  1. Engaged users and experts to iteratively redesign the experience.
  2. Created an intuitive and elegant workflow.
  3. The follow-up user acceptance test was successful.

#2: Power Grid

The Challenge

Partners, employees and the general public where unable to access critical information about the current status of the electrical power grid providing power to much of the eastern United States. The responsible energy consortium needed to develop a long term mobile strategy.

The Outcome

Crafted the direction of the energy consortium’s mobile strategy and launched the first proof of concept. Coached the executive team in creating an understanding for the challenges and benefits associated with creating and maintaining mobile applications.

The Journey

  1. Conducted a series of interviews with approximately 40 people.
  2. Created a prototype that was tested and refined.
  3. Designed a proof of concept mobile application.