Individual Capabilities

Develop Crucial Skills and Competences

Our education programs inspire acquiring unique skills and developing creative
confidence to support behavioral change—one person at a time.

Outcomes and Results

We focus on a learning experience tailored towards client needs and customer expectations to develop and artistic attitude through:

  • Improved Perception Skills
  • Deeper Reflection and Better Decision Making
  • Design Mindfulness and Collaborative Creation
  • Stage Performance

Our education portfolio includes arts-based learning as well as other scientifically proven teaching methods, yet what really matters is to support you to develop competences that can be applied in everyday business life – not just once but repeatedly. Our objective is for our clients to establish organizational capabilities that support creativity and innovation.

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Project Examples

#1: Design Mindfulness

The Challenge

The management team of an internal services and consulting department in the IT industry agreed on the need to educate the team and stakeholders in basic user experience and design practices as part of a larger enablement program.

The Outcome

Two-staged beginner and advanced training program for colleagues to enable them regarding user experience research and design skills and best practices.

The Journey

  1. Engaged in conversations within the organization to determine what was needed and wanted.
  2. Researched available external and internal sources.
  3. Determined learning modules.
  4. Developed curriculum as a compilation of available external and internal as well as new content.